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BAM! Ultra Box August 2021

BAM! Ultra Box August 2021

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Choose from the following:

Cult Classic Package

  • An 11x14 signed photo from a 90's Cult Classic movie (BAS COA)
  • A 16x20 custom mat
  • 11x14 90's themed tribute print
  • Favorite snacks from the 90's
  • 90's themed sticker pack
  • 1 Tamagotchi

Superhero Package

  • An 11x14 signed photo from a 90's Superhero movie (BAS COA)
  • A 16x20 custom mat
  • 11x14 90's themed tribute print
  • Favorite snacks from the 90's
  • 90's themed sticker pack
  • 1 Tamagotchi

PHAT Package

  • Cult Classic Package
  • Superhero Package 


  • PHAT Package
  • Signed and Numbered Movie Replica Prop




Get ready for an all out 90’s Box!! From one of our favorite decades comes a box curated for all of you 90’s kids. Whether you were born in the 90’s, raised in the 90’s or just love the 90’s, this box is going to be all that and a bag of chips.

What’s the 411? Let’s start with the autograph. This is a 90’s name that will literally make you freak out. One that we never thought we would be able to offer. OH SNAP! This person’s autos are VERY rare and there are only a handful out there. Plus we are opening a can of awesome on this one by giving you multiple options. 

Ready for a flashback? EVERY box will also come with its own Tamagotchi. How long can you keep it alive?

We didn’t stop there. We are also putting in some of your favorite 90’s candy. We’re keeping it real with these. Get ready.

Remember getting your favorite stickers in the 90’s? Lisa Frank fans do. Putting them on 5 Star Notebook and JanSport Backpacks? Drawing on them with Gel pens. Maybe you were rockin’ the Jnco Jeans decorating your locker? We couldn’t not put in an exclusive sticker pack that will make your younger self jealous. 

My bad, I forgot one last thing… We top the box off with an 11x14 art print that is a tribute to the 90’s. This print is fly. No scrubs here. 

Limited Supplies Available. Regret can be avoided by ordering. 

Box will ship by early September.


BAM! Ultra is one of the boxes offered by the BAM! Box. BAM! Box is the original autograph subscription box company for fans by fans. We've sent out over 200,000 boxes since we began. It is our goal to offer something for every type of fandom you love. Check out our other boxes including Geek, Gamer, Horror, Anime and the new Comic Box. All of our autographs are certified by the industry leading 3rd party authentication company, Beckett Authentication. 

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