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BAM! Ultra Box October 2021

BAM! Ultra Box October 2021

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When we did Master’s Of Horror Volume One it was one of our best received Horror Ultra boxes to date. We had Clive Barker and Tom Savini in the box and people loved it! 

Well, get ready for Volume 2. This box is going to explode minds more than Joe’s head in Scanners. 

Not only do we have an initial autograph that will legitimately be a grail autograph for many, we are also offering a DUAL signed option. The dual auto options will happen on either a photo or a script. 

We have heard you Horror fans. This box is our way of saying thank you for all of the support!Now, check out these options…. 

Choose from the following:

Matted Photo Box

  • 11x14 photo signed by a legend in the horror community (BAS COA)
  • 16x20 custom mat 
  • 11x14 art print
  • Horror-themed pin set

Dual-Signed Matted Photo Box

  • 11x14 photo dual-signed by 2 legends in the horror community (BAS COA)
  • 16x20 custom mat
  • 11x14 art print
  • Horror-themed pin set

Dual-Signed Script Box

  • Movie script dual-signed by 2 legends in the horror community (BAS COA)
  • 11x14 art print
  • Horror-themed pin set


Box will ship by Halloween.


BAM! Ultra is one of the boxes offered by the BAM! Box. BAM! Box is the original autograph subscription box company for fans by fans. We've sent out over 300,000 boxes since we began. It is our goal to offer something for every type of fandom you love. All of our autographs are certified by the industry leading 3rd party authentication company, Beckett Authentication. 

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